Open value networks, serendipity, and the future of work

The notion of serendipity is not new to business thinking. The importance of unexpected conversations and knowledge exchange in innovation has been noted in the management literature for many years.
What is new is actually building a business – a machine – that systematically facilitates serendipity. This is what has achieved.


Read this extremely interesting book about an extremely interesting company that give away free lunch (litterally!) in order to grow a network from which it harvest value as social capital and free promotion.

This social capital earned by the company is  is monetized by selling access to premium services such as meeting room that individuals or companies are willing to rent because of the extremely dynamic and innovative surrounding environment.

I enjoyed this book a lot because it show a network centric and ecosystemic approach with a rare degree of insights.

The Serendipity Machine. A Disruptive Business Model for Society 3.0 

In addition you can watch this talk from the co-founder of


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