Case study: how to co-create a co-creative event

A case study presenting the organization of #MousTIC, a co-creative event about open cooperation and social innovation.

mousTIC is an event about open and collaborative models for social innovation. In 2013 the event took place in Montpellier, a city in the south of France, and gathered over 200 participants for 3 days to discuss, share, exchange about collaborative tools and practices, but also to co-create tools and methods. The participants came from very different backgrounds: non-profit organizations, urbanism, ICT for development, free/open source software, social &solidarity economy, journalist, students, artists,  …

The following presentation details the various co-creative formats that were used during the event and the organizational model behind it.

This is part of my open research on co-creative events patterns

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Brand communities and collective value creation processes

Most companies nowadays use social media like they used tradional marketing channel. One way message are constantly pushed onto web users.

They don’t understand brands are now only one voice out of many and that conversation about the brands are occuring constantly everywhere else. Better in some case users are so passionate that they create their own discussion places about the brand where they can support each other or even create more value around the brand products.

This case study looks at BricksBuilder, a community of Lego passionate and how they interact and create value. Continue reading “Brand communities and collective value creation processes”